Providing high-quality solutions to simple and complex systems.

The team at PANELS+ has the skills and resources to implement your custom valve panel designs and meet your specific needs. From simple designs involving two to three components to highly complex panel systems, we have the capabilities to provide the highest quality solution in a timely and economical manner.

  • Defueling Panels – A defueling panel is used to defuel a vehicle before servicing. These assemblies assume a vehicle has a defueling port with which to connect. The fuel being removed from the vehicle can be directed to the suction of the compressor, to a pipeline, or vented to atmosphere.
  • Priority Panels – A CNG priority panel is designed to provide priority filling and CNG flow control from the storage tanks or the compressor. The panel can also provide direct routing of the CNG supply to a CNG dispenser or fill post. There are typically three pneumatic shutoff valves used to sequence the flow from the low, medium, and high pressure cylinders of the cascade system to the dispenser.
  • Custom Panels – PANELS+ can fabricate and assemble customized valve panels to your design and specifications. In addition, we can provide design assistance if you define the application.