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Our company was founded in 1994 to fabricate custom CNG fuel line kits for automobile and truck conversions. Since then, we have gained extensive experience and expertise in the fabrication and assembly of fuel posts, off-load panels, sequencing panels, modular tank packages, vehicle-mounted fuel control panels, and a host of related projects for the compressed natural gas market.

Using your design drawings and components lists, we can assemble reliable, cost-effective products and systems used in all types of CNG vehicles, as well as fill station locations.

Custom CNG Fill Post Assemblies

  • We can provide you with the mounting base style of your choice for your fill post. Whether it’s K-rail mounted,            column mounted, or custom-fabricated to meet your needs, PANELS+ will provide you with the best product               available.
  • Each CNG fill post hose can be supplied with an in-line breakaway on both the high pressure line and the vent            line.
  • All fill posts are equipped with a Hoke isolation valve and bleed fitting for safe and trouble-free maintenance.
  • PANELS+ can provide you with a complete turnkey system, ready for installation at your facility. Each unit can             have one to four fill hose assemblies. Please note that fill post hose assemblies are provided with a Hoke three-           way ball valve, a NGV 1 Type 2 fill nozzle, and an aluminum fill and vent tag.

Reliable, cost-effective fuel systems.

CNG Assemblies

Product Capabilities/Specifications

Let PANELS+ provide you with a portable CNG fuel system to power your generator, oven, or to transfer fuel to a vehicle. Whether you need one fuel management panel or 100, we provide you with superior customer service and attention to detail. Each unit is visibly inspected, pressure tested, packaged, and shipped to you ready for installation.

PANELS+ will produce tubing kits from your prints or tube samples. We will also tag your tubes with part numbers and date of manufacture, then bag and ship to you in a complete kit.