Providing valuable solutions for our customer base.

PANELS+ was founded in 1994 in response to our customers’ need for safe, reliable, and cost-effective solutions to custom panel fabrication. Located in Ontario, California, our company has grown extensively over the years and now provides top quality customized panel packages, components, and more to customers across North America.

Early on, we specialized in the Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) industry by building and packaging systems for NGV vehicles, fuel distribution panels, and remote filling stations.


We soon expanded into manufacturing control systems for refineries and power plants, building pollution monitoring equipment and gas analyzer systems, and participating in R&D projects. Today, we provide an extensive array of products anywhere high quality assembly is required.

Our Experience

Over the years, our team has gained extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in the customized panels industry. Our expertise is focused on building complete process analytical and automation systems, CNG fueling/receiving assemblies, pneumatic and gas packages; and sub-assemblies, control panels, and tubing systems to meet your specifications.

What Makes Us Different

What sets us apart from the competition is our passion to provide high-quality, innovative solutions that deliver added value and cost savings to you.

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality instrumentation components at very competitive prices. However, we will be happy to build and install your system using your choice of components.